Daily, urban schools are achieving tremendous academic and behavioral results. Schools and communities benefit from utilizing these successful strategies. We celebrate these results to reinforce these outcomes and to have other institutions mimic achievements.


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The Neubauer Prize for Urban Teaching is a special award given to teachers for positively engaging students and building strong student relationships in the Urban educational setting. In May, we will be awarding 12 urban educators with The Neubauer Prize! Each winning educator will receive a certificate and a gift of $1,000 (for personal use). Please nominate yourself or someone else who you believe is deserving of national recognition through the Center for Urban Education Ministries.



The Neubauer Prize for Urban Teaching is an award presented by the Center for Urban Education Ministries. Beginning in 2020, this special honor was named after a generous donor in honor of Dave and Laura, two very special people who greatly respected the love and commitment of teaching. This prize honors "teacher excellence" and is given to individuals who have “a positive and lasting impact on urban education.”


2021 will present enormous challenges to educators as schools transition back to in person learning. Communication, engagement of the students, and quality content are just a few of the barriers to success. Teachers have responded with great energy and drive to master a variety of learning modalities. The Center for Urban Education Ministries wants to hear about these high-performing educators. Share with us how you (or another teacher) are positively engaging students and families to address student learning loss as we transition back to in person learning. We know that educators who build strong student relationships and positively engage their students see tremendous academic achievement. And students love learning from these educators!



The following is a list of qualifications to receive this award. Each nominated teacher must:


  • Teach full time in an urban setting in Wisconsin

  • Write an explanation of how you (or teacher you are nominating) are positively engaging students and families to address student learning loss. Your explanation should be 500 words or less - 12 font size, single spaced.

  • Record and submit a video of you (or the teacher you are nominating) explaining who you are, where you teach, why you are an urban educator, and the impact you are now having on your students. Your video should be 3 minutes or less. The only acceptable format is to record your video on YouTube and send the link.

  • Send a professional picture of yourself (or teacher you are nominating)

  • Grant permission and consent: By completing the requirements of this award and submitting the necessary work, I am hereby granting permission and consent for the Center for Urban Education Ministries (CUEM) to use photograph, video, and wording of all submissions for presentation, publicity, web content, and promotion.



All materials must be submitted to by April 19



The Center for Urban Education Ministries (CUEM) will review the submitted materials and score the applications based on the listed requirements and impact in urban education.. Teacher winners will be contacted through email in the month of May and awards will be delivered to each educator’s school or home.

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