Daily, urban schools are achieving tremendous academic and behavioral results. Schools and communities benefit from utilizing these successful strategies. We celebrate these results to reinforce these outcomes and to have other institutions mimic achievements.


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Why does Nicole want to teach in an urban school?

“I want to teach in a school that has diversity and develop relationships with students and families that are culturally diverse. Urban schools have their own set of challenges, but I have a desire to help students reach all their potential-socially, emotionally, and academically. I want to make a difference in communities by building rapport, inspiring students, and providing students with a supportive environment to better serve their needs.”

What are your God-given strengths that assist you in transforming students’ lives?

My teaching is relationship based in order for students to learn they must feel like the teacher cares for them. This is a strength of mine because I understand that successful students have a solid emotional connection with their teacher. Relationships are my main priority. I want to build students’ confidence, assist in their self-esteem, build a safe environment, and allow them to feel comfortable to express themselves.

What is CUEM's impact on Nicole?
"CUEM has had an insane impact on me as a person, and as a future educator. CUEM has helped me with my confidence as an educator, provided experiences and methods that encourage me to grow in an urban setting, and continuously provides resources that ensure my success as an educator."

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