Daily, urban schools are achieving tremendous academic and behavioral results. Schools and communities benefit from utilizing these successful strategies. We celebrate these results to reinforce these outcomes and to have other institutions mimic achievements.


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Neubauer Award Winners


Congratulations to our 2021 Neubauer

Award winners! 

Siri Uden – Milwaukee College Prep

Melissa Story – LUMIN Renaissance – Villa

Karissa Hansen – Hope Christian Schools Caritas

Linda Proeber – St. Martini Lutheran School

Alexia Jones – Hope Fidelis Christian School

Andrea Baird – Christ-St. Peter Lutheran School

Kendra Wilson – Hope Fidelis Christian School

Tabitha Smith – LUMIN Renaissance Lutheran-Villa

Tiffany Gottowski – New Testament Christian Academy

Melanie Buenning – St. Joseph’s Academy Milwaukee

Ya Ting Yang- Shining Star Christian School

Elisabeth Robinson - Shining Star Christian School

Neubauer Prize Collage.jpg

Meet our Featured Neubauer Teacher: Alexia Jones

Her nominator wrote:

I am writing this letter to demonstrate how Alexia Jones is positively engaging her scholars virtually and face to face. Alexia teaches all subjects to kindergarten students at Hope Fidelis. She has quickly developed a superior learning environment that focuses on respect, hope, and rigor. Those principles have remained during the unique online learning space and face to face learning. Alexia’s online learning environment is still engaging students at a high level. There is not a teacher in the city of Milwaukee that has more positive energy and her young learners feed off of her positive energy. Her students love to explore, and provides the ultimate opportunity to learn themselves, their community, and ongoing learning opportunities. She teaches, supports and guides students every single day. I have personally witnessed her classroom lessons, and the structure she provides young learners is amazing. This ensures the highest level of engagement. Alexia gives students meaningful feedback on classwork submitted and models what learning and behavioral outcomes should look like. 

Alexia has strong relationships with the parents of children in her classroom. They are impressed by her commitment to their children. Many parents have expressed their fears and concerns with virtual and face to face learning. Alexia is a great listener and willing to keep parents engaged at a high level. Parents truly appreciate the open and honest communication they receive from Alexia and have demonstrated the fact that the relationship between home and school can indeed be a partnership.  Parents are welcomed to safely visit her classroom. She will use them without. The classroom lesson. It is amazing to watch. 

Alexia is a respected young leader at her school. She had the most engaging reading lessons. I was in awe of what her young learners can do. Alexia also helps her colleagues de-areas by giving fitness tips and wellness presentations for teachers. This gives her colleagues an opportunity to exercise and have non-academic fun during this challenging learning environment.

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