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High-Performing city educators and school leaders transform lives. Students, families, and communities are strengthened through highly effective school teachers and leaders. We support institutions that recruit valuable people and prepare them for urban schools.

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What are your God-given gifts that assist you in transforming students’ lives?

God has blessed me with many gifts and talents that will help me transform the lives of my students. I believe that when we are truly called, we embody all the necessary gifts in which to carry out that vocation. In every way, God has specifically created me to be a teacher. I am blessed with an empathetic heart to love and care for my students. I am also very creative which aids me in constructing ways for all students to learn as uniquely as God created them. Forming relationships with students is easy for me. I am relational and personable which makes me able to meet students where they are in life. Finally, I have a passion for Christ and sharing His good word. My faith is the source to where I find my strength and joy in life. The ultimate transformation I can help give to my students is that blessing of knowing their Savior. 

Lindsey Fuchsberger, a Concordia University Wisconsin student, is one of our rising teachers, preparing to create a remarkable impact in urban education.

Why do you want to teach in an urban school?

There is something special about the ministry that is in urban schools. Growing up, I had a positive educational experience. I was able to balance myself in two different environments that aided to the person I am today. I feel that God is calling me to serve in an area where I can make a greater impact. I want to be a part of reinventing urban education in ways where all students can succeed in the classroom. In many ways, my role is more than just being a teacher. I want to make a difference where many are not comfortable going. I believe that God has placed me purposefully in urban education as well as created me with the heart to do so. I want to be a vessel for Christ in showing my students their potential and worth to do great things in and outside of the classroom, both now and in their future. 

What is CUEM’s impact on you?

CUEM has opened the door to many opportunities in urban education. The one thing that I am thankful for is the prior experiences that have helped me become a better educator. Through this ministry, I am more prepared as well as familiar with the ways in which urban schools are thriving. I am learning more strategies and gaining resources that I can use throughout my educational journey. I think that the mission that CUEM has is a wonderful tool that fully prepares students who want to be urban educators. Through CUEM, I also am connected with successful urban educators and other personnel who I may reach out to in the future. I have formed a web of resources and individuals who share a same goal and love for urban education. The ministry that CUEM has is one that I am proud to be a part of and will always encourage for students who also have an interest in urban education. I have only been more driven and excited for my future by being involved in CUEM. 

Ready to make a difference?

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