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What is CUEM's impact on you? 

I am excited to see CUEM grow and support teachers and leaders working in the city. Dr. Gerner continues to be an integral mentor for my success. In college, he provided me with invaluable resources to research, implement, and reflect on to maximize my effectiveness as an educator and later as a school leader. CUEM has given me the opportunity to speak to, meet, and mentor amazing future city educators. I am honored to provide them with insight and real world application opportunities that I wish I had way back when I first started on my teacher journey. With the critical work and partnership of the Center for Urban Education Ministries, I am able to continue to grow in my craft and to support others who are working to relentlessly strengthen urban education for students and communities. The impact of CUEM is invaluable.

Hanna Jadin, a High School Placement and Transition Manager in Minnesota, is one of our partners who supports the success of future teachers.

As you work with future teachers, what is the number one skill they need to process to be effective? 

Teachers are incredible! There are so many skills that a person needs to master to be an effective teacher, and many of those skills needed take an investment of time. One of the first and most important skills I observe, coach, and speak with teachers about is the ability to build strong, caring, and trusting relationships with each of their students and the student's family. Positive student and family relationships have been proven to be fundamental to student success. Quality learning thrives when students and their family feel supported, heard, and respected. Focusing on student and family relationships is one of the best investments teachers can make within their school community. These relationships are the foundation for student achievement. I always ask teachers, "Who are you more likely to work harder for?... Someone you like, trust, and respect? Or someone you don't?" - I'm sure you are able to identify which response everyone chooses. 

What are your God-given strengths that assist you in training future educators? 

I have a passion for connecting with others. God blessed me with the ability to hold people accountable to high expectations, while constantly demonstrating a deep love and care for others' success. This strength assists me in supporting future educators by providing them with candid insight and feedback on what it takes to be a successful educator in historically disenfranchised communities. It also allows me to model what strong relationships and accountability looks like in action. I was mentored by the best and feel it is my responsibility to impact others by sharing my knowledge and learnings - it is the gift that keeps on giving!

Another strength I am grateful for is my commitment to the work. This work is hard! Our students deserve the absolute best of every adult they interact with at school - every day. I believe it is this deeply rooted commitment that shows up in my daily actions that inspires future educators I work with to also be their best selves for students. 

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